mandag den 12. oktober 2009

More Inch

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Nina-Marie sagde ...

I literally gasp'ed and went ohhh - when I saw your "inches" - they make me want to look and look and then look some more! Wow!

AmosSews sagde ...

Wow! - I love your fabulous inchies. Love your blog.
Thanks for sharing.


Linda Teddlie Minton sagde ...

These are wonderful, Inge! I'm glad to find your blog again.

Mona sagde ...

skønne skønne små "juveler", det glæder jeg mig til,at få tid til at prøve

Debbie Babin sagde ...

I saw your post on quilt art. I have enjoyed looking at your 1 inch pieces AND your other work. Fantastic!! I also know Bente. The colors of each 1 inch and details are glorious and then when you put them together they take on a completely new level of vibrancy. Excellent!! I am so glad I discovered your blog.
Debbie Babin

ingedk sagde ...

Thank you for lovely commets